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My name is Kara Lam and I am a psychic medium.  I grew up in Alhambra, California.  My family is of Cantonese descent - they fled China after the Chinese Revolution during the 2nd World War.  Growing up, I was always fascinated by the world of spirit.  Through movies where martial artists have the ability to nearly fly or fantastical tv dramas such as The Monkey King, I learned that my history was filled with an unspoken mysticism related to spirits.   My grandmother kept a glowing red altar dedicated to Quan Yin, fully decorated with food offerings and name plaques of deceased ancestors.  At night, when no one was watching, I would spy her in prayer, asking Quan Yin and our ancestors to help with her suffering.  She would burn incense and take a moment to speak aloud their names.  China had aimed on the erasure of native dialects and the freedom to honor one's lineage through ancestral worship.  It only occurred to me that by fleeing the country, I was able to learn my grandmother's native dialect and witness the magic of speaking to the spirit world. 


For most of my adult life, I thought nothing of my heritage.  I busied my life with school and, ultimately, achieved my dream of becoming a landscape architect.  I worked at several firms in the Boston area, designing playgrounds, museum plazas, hotel courtyards, and upscale residential landscapes.  Over time, even after starting my own company, my frustration with design grew and grew.  Regardless of how well I was able to design a space for the purpose of healing, I did not feel like I was changing the lives of the people using the spaces.  Through my studio Soul Resonance, my goal is to help people feel their connection to their own soul and the spirit world.  My intention is to help others change the vibration of spaces from the inside out rather than from the outside in.  Our collective resonance together will be what redefines our reality.

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