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Image by Mink Mingle
"I have had several mediumship sessions with Kara. She has shown me through these sessions that she truly does connect with our passed on loved ones. At each session I have gained validation of my passed on loved ones continued presence in my life. I have also felt peace , happiness , and a renewed sense of closeness to them. These things were a gift to me. Kara described my loved ones with details about them that were spot-on. Just a couple of such details such were the exact color, and type of eyeglasses one of them wore, and a favorite dessert I used to bring to one often. There were also details about temperament and personality traits that made me quite sure who she was connecting with. Kara described a dear friend, who I miss most in my life, so accurately that I believe she actually met and got to know him in spirit! Some of these identifiers were things I have not thought about in several years. Kara shows a real love of reading for people , and an inner light that shines through. This in my opinion adds quite a lot to the experience. I would highly recommend Kara to anyone!"
- Lynne Dotoli, Weymouth
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