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Shamanic Healing

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Shamanism is the oldest practice of healing, spanning all continents, cultures, and is the foundation of all major religions.  It addresses healing your body and mind through mending the soul.  My life's purpose is working with the soul and transforming somatic trauma embedded within us and the landscape.  My shamanic practice focuses on the somatic release of memories and emotional trauma trapped within the physical body with the assistance of spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, or deceased loved ones on the other side. 


Teachers and Mentors:

Ann Drake Soul Work (Shamanic Apprenticeship Training, 2021 - Current)

Twin Star Herbal Education (Flower Essences Training, 2020)

Achintya Devi, Goddess Rising Mystery School (2019)


  • I will not know what the session includes or how long it will last until after it is completed.  

  • I customize the session to fit the needs of each individual.  No two sessions may be the same. 

  • Clients may have a family member or friend with them for support.

  • I honor all religions.

  • My work is only healing in nature.  I will not work with persons or spirit entities who wish to spread ill will towards others.

  • If we are not the right fit, I will recommend you to a different practitioner or healing modality.

  • I do not diagnose medical diseases. 


I first do a psychic assessment with an interview process.  Then I have clients lay down and I will have a mediumistic discussion with your spirit guides, guardians or ancestors.  This process is an active journey and involves drumming.  Afterwards, I initiate a healing process at the soul level.

What to Expect


Sessions May Include

All shamanic soul work sessions are charged hourly at the rate of $140 per hour.

Sessions can range from 1 to 3 hours. 

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