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Reiki Training


My Reiki journey started in 2004.  Over my 19 years of practicing, I have come to realize that Reiki is physical mediumship.  It by-passes the mind, connecting body to spirit.  It is through your body which you can teach your mind to heal. 

Reiki, in Japanese, means Spirit or Universal Life Force.  The practice of Reiki itself honors the teachers that have come before you.  It is a practice that is handed down from teacher to student, over generations.  When I practice Reiki, I honor each of the teachers and mentors that have come before me, and their lineage of teachers.  

Come learn Reiki with me to deepen your body's connection with that of Universal Life Force.  I am certified to teach Reiki in the traditions of Japanese Usui Shiki Ryoho and Tibetan Raku Kei, from the beginner levels to the three advanced master levels of Reiki III.  



Since my craft has expanded to include mediumship readings and shamanic healing, all individual sessions are mediumistic and shamanic by default.  I no longer give strict Reiki-only sessions unless specifically requested.

Teachers and Mentors:  

Libby Barnett, Reiki Healing Connection (Reiki III, Master of Masters, 2022)

Gail Thackray (Reiki III, Master Teacher Training, 2021)

Cheryl Davis (Reiki III, Holy Fire and Karuna, 2021)

Jeanine Sande, Lighten Your Way (Reiki I & II, 2004)


Class Offerings


REIKI I & II - weekend class:  $500

REIKI III master & master teacher - weekend class:  $1,000

recap on classes:

reiki i training :  

  • Receive the Reiki I Attunement.

  • The first level of Reiki training is a hands-on approach to channeling energy. 

  • It focuses on the physical body primarily though touch. 

  • Reiki I is a physical and meditative practice which must be practiced like a marital art. 

  • This level of training is adequate for most people looking to augment their own self care.

reiki II training:  

  • Receive the Reiki II Attunement.

  • The second level of Reiki teaches meditative distance healing. 

  • It includes learning sacred Tibetan & Usui power symbols.

  • It includes learning how to deepen your practice of assessing illness the body.

  • Reiki II also introduces the use of clairvoyance and psychic senses.  

  • This level of training is adequate for those interested in strengthening personal self care and providing care to their families.

advanced reiki training - reiki III classes:

For those looking to become a Reiki practitioner and looking to conduct business affairs.

reiki master  

  • Receive the Reiki III Attunement.

  • The Reiki III Master level training introduces the Tibetan and Usui master symbols.

  • It includes learning and using the Tibetan Fire Serpent and Raku sacred symbols. 

  • It includes learning new breathing techniques to deepen Reiki healing. 

  • It includes an introduction to Barbara Brennan's work on psychic surgery.

  • It includes strengthening your clairvoyance and working with spirit guides. 

reiki master teacher:  

  • Receive the Reiki Master Teacher Attunement.

  • The Master Teacher training includes learning the Reiki I and Reiki II attunement ceremony.

  • It includes how to teach Reiki I and Reiki II which involves teaching hands-on channeling and distance healing. 

  • It includes a deepening one's clairvoyance, working with spirit guides, and psychic surgery. 

  • The Master Teacher class doe not introduce any more sacred symbols.

  • This class is for those looking to incorporate teaching Reiki to others in their practice. 

reiki master of masters:  

  • Receive the Reiki Master of Masters Attunement.

  • The Master of Masters attunement is for those who wish to teach Reiki at the Master Level.

  • This training includes learning the Reiki III attunement ceremony. 

  • The primary focus is strengthening one's abilities to perform psychic surgery, working with spirit guides, and one's clairvoyance skills.

  • The Master of Masters class does not introduce any more sacred symbols.  

  • This class is for those looking to incorporate teaching Reiki to others in their practice. 


  • Reiki I and II are often offered together as part of a weekend package.  Reiki I and II provides complete groundworks for individual daily practice. 

  • Each class is a prerequisite for the next class.  All classes must be taken in order.

  • I provide you with a take-home manual with each level of training using Gail Thackray's manuals.  At this time, I do not write my own manuals. 

  • A certificate of completion with a lineage tree is provided for each training.

  • I teach Reiki by using books, language, and coursework written by Barbara Brennan and Barbara Brennan School of Healing. 

  • I do not teach in the traditions of Reiki Holy Fire / Karuna.

  • A minimum of 2 years of daily practice of Reiki I and II is recommended before taking Reiki III.

  • Reiki III level training is geared to those looking to become Reiki Practitioners.  It is not necessary for "mastery" of the skill.  The word "master" is a translation from Japanese meaning "teacher" or someone having reached a high level of training. 

  • All Reiki Trainings are IN-PERSON only.  Only follow-up workshops can be taken online.  I do not feel that online attunement trainings are effective.  Please be weary of other Reiki teachers who offer only online classes.  

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